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Baba, ngizwe isimanga, mina

Ngizwe isimanga

Baba, ngizwe isimanga, mina

Ngizwe isimanga

Isoka ladlala ngentombi, isoka

Isoka alikhiphanga inkomo, isoka


“I am bull-man-free

I am pelepele

I am enjeni-thaya

I am othomatiki

I am Shay’isibhagela

I am Khahlela

I am Khahlamba-moon

I am coming soon”




He spins his words and fashions his web

Hoping she will fall for him

But she turns and smiles and looks and beguiles

She was not born this morning…




She’s tired and she’s bored

With young macho lords

Desperately after her awnings

Bull-man-free has beautiful words

But she was not born this morning

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