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Dogs in the backyard

And the flies are on the wall

Thunder and lightning

but the rain don’t ever fall

If there’s a flower in this desert

It’s your picture on my wall

One day baby I’m going to

Make you 

Queen of all



This is not a movie

Not a dream

What you see is what you get

This is not a movie

It’s for real

You have to face it in the end - 

The hard side of love


Don’t walk away, don’t

Walk away - 

I need your love 

There’s nothing on the other side - 

This I say to you

One day I know we will free our lives

One day I know we’ll tun

That tide

Let the wheel turn one

More time


Woke up this morning

While you were still asleep

Looked through the 

Window in to the empty street

I don’t know exactly 

What came over me

But now I know baby I’m

Going to lay 

Some of this world at 

Your feet




Some day, Some day

Wo ye lele mama, yelele

Mama ye

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