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Siyayibiza ye! As’hambeni

Hayi ‘ngane


(We are calling: hey!  Let’s go!  Child of 

the Shangane..)

Siyayibiza ye!  As’hambeni

(We are calling: hey!  Let’s go!)


Oh the river is wide and 

The water is deep

Got no money and I can’t

Get to sleep

Takes all my courage to

Look down that long road

I’m going to Giyani with

Such a heavy load

I’ve got to: Shintsha

(change) Qina (strengthen myself)

Qujngel’ isibindi (take courage)

And don’t give up



Oh I’m going to Giyani

Siyayibiza Ye!  As’hambeni


(We are calling the child, let’s go!  

Let’s go!)

Oh I’m going to touch 

that magic mystery 

Leave all my troubles 

Behind me


Did you hear about the

Mouse that went to the 

Cat for love

The cat said: “Mouse I 

Can’t be what you’re

Dreaming of..

You’re so lonely, you’ve

Got it mixed up..

You’re looking down

Below for what lies up above”

You’ve got to: Shintsha

(change) Qina (strengthen yourself)

Qungel’ isibindi (and take courage)

Don’t give up




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