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Wemadiliza, wemadiliz’ inkani!

!Jwanasibeki langenzani!

Wemadiliza, wemadilizinkani!

!Jwanasibeki langenzani!

Qed’ inkani eyamadoda!

!Jwanasibeki langenzani - zabalaza wemfana!

!Jwanasibeki langenzani - wemaqed’ inkani!


Blow whistle blow

Down you go alive

The cage is falling

Like a comet in the night

Beads of sweat glisten

In the underground light

Smoulder boulder

Rock reeks fumes

Songs of the outland

Change colour when shift is due

And you’ve grown a little older

Seen bone blown smoking blue!




Grow city grow

Ten thousand men below

Bleed the burning womb

Make the sun-rock show

In the wider horizon

Where a million lifetimes flow

And you know the secret

That glitters and glues the best

Like the feathers of a dead bird

That feather the next bird’s nest


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow,






Can you hear, can you hear me

Can you hear, can you hear me

In the wider horizon

There’s a life-song

All my life gone

In a mine song

I shake the world beneath your feet

‘Cause I’m just working a little bit

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