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Shine a light, shine a light

Oh you've got to careful in this world a little sister said to me
Beware of the silver tongue which hides a gun and a tyranny
It will speak in words of water
It will drown you in its lies
You must be like the fish in the river
Ad learn to swim against the tide

Some of de man give light in de darkness
Some of de man he give a cry
Some of de man he gonna live through the season
Some of de man he gonna die
Yo yo mam ye!

The wheel turn around
Give me no rest
She want to hear me cry
In the darkness
- Shine a light!
I drop to the ground
And hope for the best
I'm going through the eye
Of the hurricane
- Shine a light!

Oh it's such a sad feeling to see the swallows in the sky
It's like you leaving me behind without saying goodbye
I've got to be like a bird in winter
I've got to learn how to fly
And if you ever leave
I'll also take to the sky


Speak to me slow slow
What's going on
I don't know
Someone's on the run
Speak to me slow slow
Has it all begun
I don't know
If he'll make this one
Speak to me slow slow
What's the time
Idon't know
Can I save this life of mine



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