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I came to this town some time ago to find a place in the sun
So many people locked up inside their dreams hoping that they are the ones
You talk to them in the streets but they just pass you by
Romanticizing fantasies, filling their lonely mind


She's a very special agent and she's on their side
She infiltrates your desire and blows you open wide
She's a bourgeois bogey woman repressed in the brain
And when they see that they are losing you
They set her free to hide the pain
She walks down the convolutions of your cerebellum
And tickles the right hemisphere with an electric tongue
She will wiggle a besom, she will tense her thigh
And you will follow like a doggie
You will buzz round her like a fly

I seen her in the disco busting out all over
Looking for a lover man 'cause she's lonely too
You can only hope and dream to be near her
But you must never touch her body 'cause she will just disappear


They will buy up all your problems and sell them back to you
In her magical fantasy so that you never see through
The meaning of tomorrow, the meaning of today
The meaning of that nowhereness that haunts your brain


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